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Spoofax vNext

These are the release notes for the upcoming version of Spoofax.

See the corresponding migration guide for migrating from Spoofax vPrev to Spoofax vNext.


  • Fix issues with the implodePT and sdf2table Docker substitution scripts for MacOS 64-bit
  • Update Apache Commons Compress dependency to 1.21
  • Update Apache Commons IO dependency to 2.11.0
  • Update Guice dependencies to 4.2.3
  • Update Guava dependency to 30.1
  • Add Guava FailureAccess dependency, required by Guava >= 27.0


  • Integrate the Incremental Solver in Spoofax.
  • Add menu options to inspect Term Properties.
  • Fix issue where edges were closed twice in incremental solver when having debug log enabled.
  • Deprecate the concurrent property in favor of the mode (for language projects) or modes (for example projects) properties.
  • Allow singleton properties to be set to the same value multiple times.
  • Reduce number of cascading messages (can be disabled using runtime.statix.suppress-cascading-errors: false).
  • Show delay reasons and prevented completions on messages for unsolved constraints.
  • Add eq(term) lambda sugar.
  • Add runtime.statix.test-log option to show Statix test logging in the console.
  • Fix bug where solver with return-on-first-error enabled would also return if the first failing constraint had a non-error message kind.
  • Fix several serialization issues.


  • Stratego 2 was introduced as a new meta-language based on Stratego 1, the incremental compiler for Stratego, and the gradual type system developed for Stratego, packaged as one project under a single name. There is a migration guide from Stratego (1) to Stratego 2 under the How-Tos. This gradually typed version of Stratego comes with a standard library that also has gradual types. The editor will give underline where casts are inserted with notes.
  • Stratego 2: Added the <* ("left try-some") strategy combinator that tries to apply the left strategy, then the right, and only fails if both fail. a <* b is sugar for a < b <+ id + b.
  • Origin tracking is now documented in a page in the Background section of the website.


  • Signature generator does not generate signatures for files whose module name ends with _StrategoMix.

Last update: 2022-05-27
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